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Jim grew up in San Diego the son of a Washington, D.C. native so naturally he roots for the Washington Redskins and San Diego Padres. After seeing his favorite teams win a couple of titles early in his life, he has spent the last 20 years wondering if his teams will ever amount to anything again. At least he has multiple fantasy baseball and football titles to soften the blow.

April is not the time to retool your fantasy baseball team

On Sunday, March 30, my neighbor’s house caught fire.

Living in a townhouse community and sharing a wall with that neighbor,  my family and I ended up evacuating our house while the local fire department got the situation under control.

When my wife and I realized that we needed to get out, we took two very different approaches to the situation. She went upstairs and grabbed the sleeping kids, along with several stuffed animals and blankets that they were likely to need, while I grabbed my 1-year-old, her coat and got out of the house.

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I was ready to wish everyone luck this season and a happy opening day (especially since the Padres pulled off a come-from-behind win over the Dodgers the night before) but my neighbors house caught fire late Sunday night. Because I live in a townhouse, I now have lots of cleanup ahead of me, along with the opportunity to test out my insurance (which I really could do without).

I’ve got some articles in the works and I’ll post them as I can. Thanks for your continued support and in the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions you’d like to submit – fire away!

Is Brian McCann a keeper?

As the 2014 season rapidly approaches (finally!), you’ll notice that I’ve made some changes to the keeper articles. I hope with this new format that the information is easier to read while still answering the question of whether or not a player is a keeper.

In addition, I’ve added a player grade to the analysis which goes along with the #waronrankings theme we have going on here this year. If you are confused by what this is all about, make sure you check out the intro to our coverage for the year.

Our first player using this new format is new Yankees C Brian McCann. A fantasy stalwart for years, it will be interesting to see how the move to New York affects his production and will he still be a keeper at the end of the year?

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Is Pablo Sandoval a keeper?

Up next in our keeper series is the man whose shape elicits some of the best nicknames in baseball, San Francisco 3B Pablo Sandoval.

Whether you prefer to call him Kung Fu Panda, Fat Ichiro or something else unprintable, it’s obvious that the biggest thing (no pun intended) fantasy players are paying attention to when analyzing Sandoval is his weight. Unfortunately for Sandoval, his production seems inseparably tied to his weight and given how much it fluctuates year to year, owners find themselves frequently asking if Sandoval is a keeper.

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Is Brad Miller a keeper?

Despite lofty expectations for 2013, it didn’t take long for the Seattle Mariners to fall apart and decide they needed to figure out what they had for 2014. In a bit of a youth movement, the Mariners called up SS Brad Miller and 2B Nick Franklin and both handled themselves better than their predecessors.

Franklin’s fantasy value for 2014 is up in the air with the arrival of All-Star 2B Robinson Cano, but Seattle saw enough in Miller to leave him in as the starting SS. While our lack of data will make it hard to get an accurate read, those who own Miller want to know if what he did in 2013 makes him a keeper.

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Buyer Beware: 5 players to avoid in keeper leagues

I’ve given you a list of oldies and a group of sleepers to keep an eye on so it’s only natural that the next list is one of players you need to avoid.

Sure, some of these guys may be useful and some of them may have even led you to a title last year but with soft skills and/or checkered pasts, expecting a repeat of last year is a dangerous proposition. Obviously, if these players fell far enough down the draft board they would be fine to own but as of Feb. 6, they were all being drafted among the Top 60 according to Mock Draft Central.

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Sleeper Keepers

One of the biggest boost to any keeper team is prospecting on that diamond-in-the-rough the year they finally break out. I’ve dubbed these players Sleeper Keepers and have listed the ones I think could be keepers for 2015. Not all of these players will pan out but some of them could be the foundation of your dynasty.

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