About Jim Higgins

Jim grew up in San Diego the son of a Washington, D.C. native so naturally he roots for the Washington Redskins and San Diego Padres. After seeing his favorite teams win a couple of titles early in his life, he has spent the last 20 years wondering if his teams will ever amount to anything again. At least he has multiple fantasy baseball and football titles to soften the blow.

Keeper Implications: Gose for Travis

It may not have been a trade that set the baseball world abuzz, but the deal that sent OF Anthony Gose from the Blue Jays to the Tigers for 2B Devon Travis is one keeper league owners may want to keep an eye on.

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What do you think?

Now that the World Series is over and the hot stove season is underway, I promise there will plenty of content to help you with your keeper league decisions this offseason. I’m toying with a new and expanded version of the Keeper Guide, along with some new features that should be more useful than other articles I’ve posted in the past. While I’m getting these things in shape however, I’m curious if there’s anything else you want to see. Many of you took my survey during the year but for those that didn’t, now’s your chance to share your input. I want to know what will make this site work for you, so please share anything and everything you can think of.

The survey is only 10 questions and shouldn’t take more than 10-12 minutes to complete so if you can spare a few minutes, I’d really appreciate it.



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Sleeper Keepers in review

In the 2014 Keeper Kit, one of the most popular items from the kit was my Sleeper Keeper selections for 2014. In my quest to remain transparent and own up to both good and bad suggestions I make, here is a recap of my selections and whether they lived up to the hype.

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Goodbye regular season, hello keeper league season

I hope everyone had some level of success this season. I’m happy to report that I finished third in all four of my leagues this year, including my main keeper league. I realize things have been quiet around here the last few months but there will be plenty of content to help you get ready for the 2015 season. I have a few ambitious projects in mind for this offseason and if anyone is interested in contributing¬†as a writer, please send me an e-mail. Any submissions used on the site will be paid for and anyone interested may be hired as a¬†regular writer for the site.