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Jim Higgins

By day, Jim is a career and personal coach for teens and millennials. Also by day, Jim writes about fantasy baseball here at Keeper Experts. When not writing or coaching, Jim can be found working as a Swim Taxi for his four children.


Is Chris Carter A Keeper?

By Jim Higgins / February 10, 2017

Along with fellow DH/1B Mike Napoli, Chris Carter finally brought his free agency to an end this week by agreeing to a contract with the New York Yankees. I imagine the wait this winter had to be longer than expected given that Carter is in his power prime and just hit 41 HR last season […]


Is Mike Napoli A Keeper?

By Jim Higgins / February 8, 2017

With Mike Napoli signing with the Texas Rangers on Tuesday, I thought it would be a good opportunity to bring back one of the main features from the previous version of this site – our keeper series. The premise of these posts is simple – inform your decision making process before making keeper selections. Today, we’ll take […]


We’re back! Now let’s establish your empire

By Jim Higgins / February 1, 2017

[NOTE: A version of this article originally appeared on this site in 2014, however, the advice is still relevant today and after a few updates, I feel it is a good way to relaunch the site.] When I joined my current keeper league a few years ago, I had no idea what I was actually […]


Save The Date

By Jim Higgins / January 10, 2017

Feb. 1, 2017. That’s when things will officially be up and running around here. I will be posting messages from time to time (like this post you’re currently reading), but Keeper Experts will officially relaunch on Feb. 1. What does that end up meaning exactly? I’m glad you asked … and unfortunately you’ll have to wait. […]