Keeper Implications: Napoli, Haren, Revere

While Zack Greinke and Josh Hamilton seem to be holding the offseason hostage, a few notable signings have taken place that affect keeper values.

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Keeper Implications: Closers, CFs and more

The Hot Stove is burning pretty nicely right now as a number of moves with keeper implications have taken place the past several days. Here is how the potential keepers involved are impacted:

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Keeper Implications: Hunter, Cabrera

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and is getting back in the mood for fantasy baseball. There have been some interesting signings the last couple of weeks, and here is the impact (if any) they should have on your plans going forward.

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Keeper Implications: Toronto-Miami mega swap

Even though Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is denying he is in the midst of yet another firesale, Wednesday’s trade between the Marlins and Blue Jays looks like the classic dump trade you see in most fantasy baseball leagues towards the end of the season. Here is how the keeper value for the players involved is impacted:

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Keeper Implications: Ervin Santana

While the stove is starting to heat up now that the World Series is over, only a few moves with implications for keeper leagues have taken place so far this offseason. The latest, was Ervin Santana‘s trade to the Royals.

As a borderline keeper to begin with, Santana’s value doesn’t necessarily change with his move to KC. Santana is still expected to be a starter and pitch as many innings as his arm allows. The move from the AL West to the AL Central doesn’t really help or hurt his cause either. At this point in his career, Santana is what he is – a mid-rotation guy that can help your team but probably not enough that he’s worth keeping. He’s definitely worth watching as the season draws closer but interest in him will probably be minimal in all league formats.

Keeper Implications: Arizona, Boston get things going this offseason

Arizona, Oakland, Miami, Boston and Toronto got the offseason going with a couple of trades over the weekend. Here is a look at how the keeper value of the key players involved is impacted:

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Keeper Implications: Bailey, Aceves

Aceves to start season as Bailey’s replacement

For owners in single season leagues, news of Andrew Bailey going down for anywhere from 3-6 months (depending on which source you believe) has altered his owner’s seasons before the first game has been played in the U.S.

But for keeper league owners, Bailey’s latest injury will not only affect this season but leaves owners with a big decision to make for the future.

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