April is not the time to retool your fantasy baseball team

On Sunday, March 30, my neighbor’s house caught fire.

Living in a townhouse community and sharing a wall with that neighbor,  my family and I ended up evacuating our house while the local fire department got the situation under control.

When my wife and I realized that we needed to get out, we took two very different approaches to the situation. She went upstairs and grabbed the sleeping kids, along with several stuffed animals and blankets that they were likely to need, while I grabbed my 1-year-old, her coat and got out of the house.

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Who’s your No. 2?

I’ve spent way too long trying to make a decision so it’s time for some crowdsourcing.

It probably won’t surprise any of you that the No. 1 ranked player in the 2014 Keeper Guide will be Mike Trout (barring some freak winter accident that renders him unable to play baseball ever again) but I’ve struggled for a while now with who should be No. 2. In single season leagues, Trout and Miguel Cabrera will be the top two but what about in keeper formats?

If you’re forced to keep Miggy for the next three years, are you even worried? Should you be? While the comparison isn’t perfect, I can’t help but think of Albert Pujols here. Sure, Cabrera is younger than Pujols but it wasn’t that long ago that Pujols was essentially a “safe pick” for the next several years, even if he was finally due to decline. Unfortunately for all of us, Pujols hit his decline sooner and harder than expected, and while he should rebound, he’s also old enough now that it won’t be a surprise if he doesn’t.

Again, I know Miggy will only be 31 for 2014 but how much longer can we actually rely on him? And if he’s not the second best keeper option for 2014, who is then? This is where you come in – I need to hear your thoughts on Miggy, so leave your them in the comments. Let the discussion begin!

The one tool all keeper league owners should be using but aren’t

If you owned Los Angeles Angels 1B Albert Pujols in a keeper league, would you trade him straight up for San Diego SP Ian Kennedy?

What about in the preseason, before we knew age and injuries would yet again take a toll on Pujols’ numbers and would eventually end in a season-ending injury?

Was your answer to the above trade proposal any different when asked to consider a specific timeframe?

In my opinion, the most important tool a keeper league owner needs to have a grasp of isn’t the player pool, a certain projection system or a deep knowledge of the entire minor leagues, it’s an ability to understand context.

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Why less information is more in fantasy baseball

Why less information is more in fantasy baseball

For those of you that play in fantasy baseball leagues on Yahoo!, the following image should be familiar.


Garrett Richards has been dropped in how many leagues after last night?


Yes, I have Garrett Richards on my team and after yesterday’s start in which he allowed 5 ER in 7 IP, I’ve had the honor of seeing this note in “My Fantasy Updates,” with the number of teams increasing as the day goes on.

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