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I originally started Keeper Experts in 2009 when I joined an ultra-competitive fantasy baseball keeper league and couldn’t find a lot of info dedicated to playing in keeper leagues.

I decided at that point to do something about it and Keeper Experts was launched!

In Jan. 2015, I put Keeper Experts on hiatus because I was struggling to maintain the quality of the site while fulfilling the demands of my full time job. Two years later, and with the focus of fantasy sports coverage seemingly shifting towards daily leagues and websites, I’m relaunching Keeper Experts to fill the still present void of keeper league-centric fantasy baseball advice.

This site will still be focused on helping you build a squad that dominates your league, while incorporating new article formats and ideas to aid in the decisions you’ll make as GM of your team.

Our Philosophy

Many analysts have some sort of projection system they use to help them analyze players and make recommendations – including myself. The problem is most of those projections will fail to come true, even if we allow for some margin of error, but the analysts using them will base most of what they say and do on the players reaching those numbers.

Because these are human beings playing a game, even the best mathematical models can’t factor in all of the possible variables that can influence the outcome of each and every pitch. Which is why you won’t find projections on this site. I look at projection numbers to see possible outcomes but when I make my final analysis, I base my observations and analysis on skills.

Another thing I’ve come to understand as I play this game is that winning and success rely more on roster construction and game strategy than it does on rankings.  So, instead of rankings and lists you’ll find recommendations on players to target based on the skills they possess and the needs those skills can fill.

Lastly, let’s talk about recency bias. This is a topic Ron Shandler has tackled for the last number of years and I agree wholeheartedly with his take on it, which is why I’m looking for an alternative to posting the previous seasons stats as part of my player analysis. We need stats so we can understand what a player has done, but we have to remember that past productivity is no guarantee of future success.

Please bookmark the site, inform your friends and share your favorite articles via social media to help the site grow. And if you have anything you want or need from the site, don’t hesitate to let me know!