Buyer Beware: 5 players to avoid in keeper leagues

I’ve given you a list of oldies and a group of sleepers to keep an eye on so it’s only natural that the next list is one of players you need to avoid.

Sure, some of these guys may be useful and some of them may have even led you to a title last year but with soft skills and/or checkered pasts, expecting a repeat of last year is a dangerous proposition. Obviously, if these players fell far enough down the draft board they would be fine to own but as of Feb. 6, they were all being drafted among the Top 60 according to Mock Draft Central.

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Age: More than just a number

When it comes to creating projections, the only number we get right every year is a player’s age. That number however, creates more chaos and causes more misunderstandings about a player than anything else we know about him.

My philosophy when it comes to my keeper list is to be extremely cautious with any player over age 33. Why 33? Think about how many players have been productive, or even stay employed in MLB, from age 33 on.

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Establishing an empire: 3 tips for building a keeper team

When I joined my current keeper league a few years ago, I had no idea what I was actually in for.

I was an experienced fantasy baseball player at the time, having finished in the Top 3 in several single leagues, including two championships, and when I looked at the situation I was entering I saw plenty of reasons to be optimistic. Several of my players were coming off great years and compared to the other teams in the league, I felt I could compete right away.

That first year I fell flat on my face and my experience is what led to the creation of this site. When I went looking for advice on how to improve in  Year 2, I couldn’t really find anything keeper related online and being a sports journalist by trade, I decided to solve the problem.

So, to kick off the Keeper Kit, I thought it would be a good idea to start at the beginning – that is, here are the things I wish I’d known when I joined my first keeper league.

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Is Pedro Alvarez a keeper?

If I had told you before the season that Pedro Alvarez would lead the NL in HR this year, how long would you have laughed at me?

Yet here we are at the end of 2013, and sitting in second place on the NL HR leaderboard is none other than Alvarez. Now, whether he catches Paul Goldschmidt or not, the fact is that Alvarez is now a player for fantasy owners to watch. For those of us in keeper leagues, we want to know if Alvarez is a keeper in 2014.

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