Top 30 1B keepers – 2013 edition

These rankings are based on projected cumulative value over the next 3 years. Minor league players have been excluded.

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The flawed strategy of buying low and selling high

Coming home from a Washington Nationals game last week, a league mate and I got on the topic of Atlanta Braves OF Jason Heyward. This league mate drafted Heyward in our keeper league during a minor league draft before Heyward made his major league debut and has held on to him like a bride is counseled to hold on to her groom – for better or worse, for rich or poor, in sickness and health.

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A different look at April

It seems that over the last couple of weeks the Internet has been littered with advice on exercising patience with your roster in April. Since I’ve already taken my turn beating that topic into the ground, I thought I’d find something more fun to talk about.

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Keeper Implications – Carpenter, Iglesias, Morneau


Are Carpenter’s injuries decreasing his keeper value?

In what seems to be almost official news, it looks like Cardinals SP Chris Carpenter will begin the season on the DL due to recent neck issues. While it’s expected that Carpenter won’t miss many starts, if I’m a Carpenter owner – I’m starting to map out the perfect opportunity to get rid of him. When healthy, there is no question that Carpenter still is one of the better pitchers in the game today. However, Carpenter is struggling more and more each year to stay on the field. [Read more…]